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With a background in rebuilding electric motors, Milo Seidl started Metro Electric Motors in 1986. Being eager to build and grow the business, Metro Electric would repair everything from swimming pool pumps to 200KW generators. Basically, anything that was brought in, Milo would figure a way to rebuild it. No job was too big or too small.
One day a man came by who noticed Metro’s crane truck and asked if Metro had ever rebuilt a turbine pump for a golf course irrigation system. Metro had experience pulling turbines for municipalities but not for golf courses, so the gentleman agreed to assist Milo in the pulling and re-setting of the pump once it was rebuilt. Now you might be wondering why anyone would trust someone with no experience with such an important and critical piece of equipment as a turbine pump for the golf course. If you are reading this story, you must realize how essential controlled watering is to a golf course.


At the time, there was basically only one shop in town who did this type of work. Due to the demand and lack of options, golf course customers were waiting months to get their pumps back from being rebuilt. Because of the incredible strain this would put on a superintendent’s ability to adequately water the course, one course was willing to take a chance on someone, really anyone, who was new. The superintendent was so impressed with the fast service and quality workmanship that word spread like wildfire in the golf course community. Soon, Metro would change its name to Metro Electric Works and started focusing all efforts to rebuild pump, motors, and controls exclusively for the golf course market in Southwest Florida.
To this day, Metro remains committed to the golf course community and devoted to delivering the highest standard in service. Back in 1999 the company went through a reorganization and Milo broke away and became Metro Pumping Systems (Metro PSI). Though the name has changed, the mission is still the same: fast service, quality workmanship, fair pricing.
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Back in the mid to late 80’s the conventional irrigation pump station was controlled by pressure regulating vales and mercoid switches. Variable speed drive (VFD’s) technology was just being introduced to the market. Metro PSI recognized the importance of this innovation and quickly adopted it. It was not easy to bring something new to an industry that was so engrained into the tried and true method of building irrigation pump stations. Back in those days most people did not trust computers or understand the efficiencies that could be achieved by using this new technology. Metro PSI was dedicated to educating the client base about the improvements to overall performance and to the saving. Soon, one by one courses were replacing their old stations with new the style of irrigation pump station until eventually VFDs were the new standard.
Through the 80’s, 90’s,and 20’s Metro PSI was part of the Golf Course Boom here in Southwest Florida. During this time, Metro was awarded the #1 service provider in the country and continues to known and recognized as a leader in service of irrigation pump stations. As an independent service provider, Metro PSI works on and with a variety of different manufactures of pump stations. While all stations perform the basic function of delivering water, there are significant differences that someone who is not as experienced might not notice. Watertronics has developed many such differences and has become the leader in manufacturing irrigation pump stations. Because of the excellent reputation for service, Watertronics asked Milo Seidl of Metro PSI to be President of their field of service network of providers and to help bring their innovations into the market place.


Metro continues this culture of the highest level of service. In 2004, Milo’s son, Corey Seidl, and his wife Kim both fresh out of college, decided to join the business. Through years of learning and understanding the science and logic of irrigation pumps stations, Corey is now a master technician within the company. Kim has been the perfect fit for the office as well , bringing her strong sense of discipline and her fun natured personality. She is detail orientated and motivated everyday to make sure all parts and orders are being received timely. Kim has developed such great relationships with our vendors that they are all willing to go the extra mile, because they know Metro is going the extra mile to meet the needs of our clients. Corey was just a small boy himself riding along with Milo when he went on his first service call many, many years ago. To see him here today, occasionally bringing his own small son Connor onto service calls is a good indication that Metro PSI is in good hands as the next generation stands ready to continue the tradition of excellence in service.
We have remained a small family company with the intention of the being the absolute best in this market. By keeping our service area tight, between Marco Island and Sarasota, we are never too far away when a customer has a critical need. Metro PSI has a 15K SQFT facility with the largest inventory available for our clients. We have our own crane truck to better control our job schedules as emergencies arise. Having very little turn over throughout the years gives us the advantage of station familiarity and sometimes are able to troubleshoot the issues right over the phone. Metro PSI is very selective when it comes to hiring and training their technicians. Only individuals who truly understand service and are committed to doing whatever it takes to get a customer up and running as fast as possible can be part of the team. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers, some for over 30 years, who have been part of our story and allowed us to serve this great community. Metro PSI does not take our success for granted. We treat every job just like it was the first job and first time we were given a chance to make an impression. Let us earn your loyalty and trust as a service provider. Call us today and let us know how we can service you.
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