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For over 30 years Metro PSI has professionally installed 300+ pump irrigation stations throughout Southwest Florida.
The Metro PSI Difference:
  • Our technicians and team have been with us since the beginning. We are intimately familiar with the geographic location as well as the common problems we face in the Florida environment and weather conditions.
  • Specialized to service Southwest Florida Golf Courses and Golf Course Communities.
  • Commercial and industrial irrigation pump stations installed throughout SWFL.
  • All technicians are Watertronics certified. Annually recertified and up-to-date on the latest technologies related to the efficiency and conservation of water.
  • Scheduled monthly maintenance plans for installed pump irrigation stations.
  • Dependable, knowledgeable team available for quick service.
  • Our extensive knowledge of irrigation pumping systems gives us the unique ability to offer solutions to whatever your needs may be.
  • Available to service other pump station brands and fast emergency services.

Irrigation Pump Station Specialists


We Are PSN Certified

Having the benefit of servicing many different manufacturers of pump stations, we can easily compare the quality of the equipment as well as the overall value each manufacturer gives the end customer. For this reason, choosing Watertronics was easy choice. Watertronics has separated itself as the clear leader in irrigation pumping systems with their innovations of the EBV (Electronic Butterfly Valves) and the mechanical seals. In addition, they pit test every station before it is shipped out. Watertronics is dedicated to service after the sale by creating an extensive training school which Metro PSI participates every year. Because of the close relationship between Metro PSI and Watertronics, Milo Seidl of Metro PSI has been elected as president of PSN (Pump Service Network – certified and factory trained service centers).
Manufacturer representation is on site for new station installations. This ensures the highest level of service and coordination if any issues arise during the installation process.

Pump Station Quiz

The pump station is the HEART of the golf course, without controlled watering, there is no golf course. When do you know if you are ready to upgrade or replace your pump station? It’s a big question and most people are not qualified to answer it without getting an expert opinion. Sometimes a Golf Course might refer to a golf course consulting company to advise them. Most consultants have general knowledge about pump stations and do not know all the options that might be available. Many times the service provider will be able to assess the complete station and give the course the best short term and long term options.

If you are a current Metro PSI customer, we can provide both historical as well as current pictures in the in-depth report following our inspection. We offer this service free of charge to any course that would like this kind of evaluation, regardless of manufacturer that is currently in use. Following is a quick test you can take that will give you an idea if your pump station might be a candidate for an upgrade or a replacement.

Metro PSI


We Work With Your Budget

Metro PSI offers a wide range of Watertronics upgrade packages custom designed for your budget and both your long term and short terms needs.

One of the more popular lower cost options is the retrofitted door kit to bring the control package completely up- to-date using the latest technology and extending the life of the pump station for years to come

We Offer Custom Solutions

Our extensive knowledge of irrigation pumping systems gives us the unique ability to offer solutions to whatever your needs may be. For example, when a  customer wanted to modulate the amount of effluent water with well water to create more efficiency in the cost of watering and keep salinity water levels within certain parameters, Watertronics and Metro PSI teamed up to make it happen.

We Install with Minimum Construction

Many times, we able to extract and install the new station without major structural changes to the building (ie: removing a roof or cutting into a wall). We measure up the new equipment with exact specifications to allow us to use the hatch access, or existing doorways in almost all cases.
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